1. I want to measure the room, what are the terms of condition?
Kupan produces its goods to the millimeter. When you order a cubical the measurements of length, width and height that you order, are the exact measurements you will receive. You can further adjust the HPL partitions with U-profiles which are assembled to the constructional wall. The HPL partitions can be adjusted 5 mm within the U-profiles. When you measure the room before placing the tiles, please keep the tile thickness in mind. The cubicle will be too big if you don’t.

The cubical was ordered to big?
If the cubical is too big for any reason, you can choose to saw a strip from the end partition (pay attention not the cut of the front part!!). Because these ends are assembled in to the U-profiles, the part that was sawed off will not be visible. Optically and constructional the cubical will be neatly finished. Please pay close attention not to saw the front part where the doors are mounted to the walls, because you might cut of the mounting holes.

2. Wat does series/key number mean and where do I find them?
Because it is important that keys can’t be duplicated for safety reasons, suppliers have their own main key number (serial number) and a user key number / lock number. The main key number is the number for a sequence of locks, user key number is different per lock. So every key in a sequence of locks has the same main key number, and a different user key number. You can find these numbers on fixed places on the keys and locks, depending on the supplier. If you can’t find the numbers, please contact our service desk.

3. I don’t want to pay with Ideal, are there other payment methods?
You can choose the following payment methods; credit card (Mastercard and Visa), reposting, and Paypal (can be linked to a credit card). Of you choose reposting you will receive a conformation with the total amount VAT excluded. After this you will receive the invoice. After you payment is completed, your products will be send. Do you wish to pay after delivery? Please contact our service desk and ask for the possibilities.

4. is there a warranty on Kupan products?
There is a 5 year warranty on manufacturing and assembly errors of our HPL (SGL). Our hinges, locks and electronic equipment have 1 year warranty. When materials from third parties are applied the warranty rules of their company applies.

5. I want to order a colour that isn’t standard, is this possible?
Yes! Our supplier of HPL (SGL) “Fundermax” has a great variety of colours and structures available. We can order most alternative colours and structures but we don’t have them in stock. Look at http://www.fundermax.at/ for the colours and contact our service desk with the specific “Fundermax” colour code.
Please pay attention! When you order non-standard colours the delivery time may be longer and prices may differ.

6. What do the shipping costs contain?
The shipping costs are dependent of the size and weight of your package and the distance for delivery.

- Standard webshop delivery price for small parcels outside of the Netherlands is €15 VAT excluded.
- Standard webshop delivery price for pallet parcels (delivery by truck) outside of the Netherlands is €125 VAT excluded.

If you have any questions about shipping costs, please contact our service desk. +31 315 760060.

7. What door handing is should I choose?
For locks or a complete door, Kupan always determents the door handing the same way.

8 is it possible to order a cubicle with sizes non-standard sizes?
Yes. Kupan can make cubicals in every size. The cubicals that are sold on the webshop have a fixed calculation. When you order a cubical with sizes that deviate from the maximal and/or minimal dimensions Kupan uses new calculations have to be made.
To order cubicles with non-standard sizes please contact our service desk +31 315 760060. Or send us a mail with your drawing with the desired length, width and height. We will make a calculation based on your request.